About Us:

ELT Digest is a non-profit website authored by ‘member teachers of English’ from all over the world.

ELT Digest provides the English Language learners, teachers, and institutions with the latest news and information about teaching and learning English.

Editors of ELT Digest are highly-qualified and have extensive experience in education and in teaching English Language and Literature. Their theoretical approaches to language teaching and learning are based upon practical experience of working in classrooms worldwide, at levels from early childhood through to adulthood, from preschool to high school classes and language centers.

ELT Digest contributes effectively to any institution from a perspective enriched by a world view of education. This is possible as a function of rich and varied experience in studying and working in educational settings throughout the world. Links developed with various schools have enabled ELT Digest to contribute significantly to the teaching and learning of English as a subject and as a medium of instruction in schools.

ELT Digest‘s subjects of interest at the time of writing are wide-ranging and cover language in education in all its aspects, TESOL/TEFL and applied linguistics.

ELT Digest’s research goals and current interests:

Our research interests are extensive. Here are some subjects of current interest:

Classroom-Based Research, Curriculum Evolution, English as a Medium of Instruction, Language across the Curriculum, English Language Benchmarking, Reflectivity for Professional Growth, Attitudinal Factors in Language Learning, Cognitive Development in Reading, Language and Culture, Process Writing, Peer Assessment, Critical Thinking Skills, Student Autonomy, Self-Access Learning, Learning Styles and Strategies, Student Perceptions of Cognitive and Emotional Development and Language Assessment of Student Teachers.


ELT Digest’s vision of “optimizing each learner’s and teacher’s potential through the shared joy of learning and teaching” underpins all the activities of the website. As such, it will become a centre of excellence for the effective learning and teaching of English. In so doing, ELT Digest will continue to develop a scholarly climate in which teachers and students are encouraged, enabled and empowered to reach their full academic and pedagogical potential in a spirit of collegiality and co-operation.


The mission of ELT Digest is to improve and share pre-service and in-service teachers’ knowledge of and pleasure in:

  • education
  • language teaching and learning
  • the English language
  • English teaching methodology
  • English as a medium for learning and teaching; and
  • English literature, media and culture

Thus, by contributing a better understanding of the areas above ELT Digest seeks to develop professionalism and competence in the teaching of English and in the use of English as a medium of instruction in schools. In addition to their teaching within the institutions, editors serve community through:

  • consultancy work for schools and Education Departments,
  • support programmes in schools,
  • links with other tertiary institutions and international school staff and students,
  • seminars for teachers from a wide variety of backgrounds,
  • the provision of a resource centre for Language Teachers and
  • academic support and supervision of students studying for higher degrees.